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Protein to Purified Polyclonal antibody(2 x rabbits)

Protein to Purified Polyclonal antibody(2 x rabbits)
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Price: $350.00
Model: CPA001

Protein (customer provided antigen) to purified polyclonal antibody(2 x rabbits) 

CPA003: $350


1.       Peptide design (Free)

Upon customer request, our scientific will assist customers in the selection and design of the best antigenic peptides for immunization and submit them to the customer for a decision.


2.       Peptide synthesis and conjugation

Customer provides antigen protein or order 20mg peptide of 12-18 mers with a minimum purity of >85% and Mass Spectrum data.   The 10 mg of peptide will be conjugated with 5 mg of KLH or BSA carrier protein for immunization and screening.


3.       Rabbit immunization and Antiserum purification

We offer optimized 56-day immunization protocol with a very high success rate.  Antiserum purification will be carried out by Protein A or immunogen-specific affinity chromatography.  Usually, 2-3mg peptides, 1-2ml pre-immune sera, 20 ml of serum and 2-5mg purified antiserum will be provided to customer.


4.       Report

We will provide ELISA.  With additional charges, we can assist customer to  characterize the purified antibody using a variety of assays including Western bloting (WB), immunohistochemistry (IHC), immunofluoresence (IF) and flow cytometry (FACS).

Please provide: PI Name, Phone number, Email and  Mailing Address in Add Comments About Your Order during checkout and download Purchase Order Form and Fax or Email to us.

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