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NFkB p65 Assay Kit

NFkB p65 Assay Kit
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Price: $680.00
Model: SB-TF-0007

Quantitative Transcriptional Factor Activation Rapid Detection Kit (NFkB-p65)

NF-kappaB is the prototype of a family of dimeric transcription factors. Its activation has been implicated in many biological processes, including inflammation, immunoregulation, apoptosis, neuronal function, cell growth and transportation, and cell proliferation. NF-kappa B consists of 2 subunits: a 50 kilodalton subunit (p50) and a 65 kilodalton subunit (p65, also known as RelA). Cells without RelA should be unable to transcriptionally activate genes with NF-kappa B binding sites (TNF alpha-inducible genes). However, p50 mutant embryonic fibroblasts showed normal transcriptional activation by TNF alpha. Thus, RelA plays a more integral role in transcriptional activation than does the p50 subunit. Activation of NF-kappa B to move into the nucleus is controlled by the targeted phosphorylation and subsequent degradation of I kappa B. There are multiple forms of I kappa B that appear to regulate NF-kappa B by distinct mechanisms. NF-kappa B can be activated by exposure of cells to LPS or inflammatory cytokines such as TNF or IL-1, viral infection or expression of certain viral gene products, UV irradiation.

Our NFkB-p65 Quantitative Transcriptional Factor Activation Rapid Detection Kit is specific for p65 subunit activation and it could be used for the studying of mediators of the immune, inflammatory response and acute phase response.

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